How To Plastic Your Windows

Author: Graeme  Date: 2017-01-10

As energy prices tend to be on a steady upward trend, people are constantly looking for ways to reduce energy expenditure. Insulation is the best way to cut heating and cooling costs. Double- or triple-glazed windows are big money savers. However, if you have only single-glazed windows and cannot afford to upgrade to double- or triple-glazed ones, you can still save money by applying inexpensive plastic to your windows.
Applying plastic is very straightforward and most people can tackle this job themselves, even if they are not skilled at DIY. You do not need any specialist tools to carry out the work. Furthermore, it is a quick and easy job that leaves no mess and causes very little disruption.
The first thing you need to do is measure your windows. Measure the height and width of each window and write down the measurements. It's always a good idea to measure everything twice just to make sure you get it right.
You can buy window plastic kits in various sizes. Choose the size that most closely matches your measurements. You may have to select different kits depending on how many different window sizes are in your home. You can get kits at your local home improvement store.
Your kit will consist of plastic sheets or a roll and double-sided sticky tape. You attach the strips to the window frame first, and then attach the plastic sheets to the tape.
Make sure to clean your window frames before attaching the tape. The adhesive on the tape is not very strong (this is so that the tape will come off easily without lifting paint). If your window frames are greasy, the tape will not adhere to them. Use an alcohol-based cleaner to degrease frames. After you have cleaned the window and frame, make sure both are completely dry before attempting to attach the tape.
Fitting the plastic
You will need a sharp cutting blade or knife to cut and trim the plastic sheeting. Cut a sheet for the window, allowing a couple of extra inches all round. Peel off the adhesive tape backing. Attach the plastic sheet to the adhesive tape. Trim the excess. Use a hairdryer to shrink the plastic sheet to remove wrinkles.
As you can see, this is quite a simple job. Kits are inexpensive and should more than pay for themselves through lower energy costs. If you have any queries, the experts at Dewalt and Sons will be glad to help.