Why You Should Have Your Roofing Inspected Yearly

Author: Graeme  Date: 2017-01-10


Why You Should Have Your Roofing Inspected Yearly


If you are wondering why you should have your roofing inspected on a regular basis, just remind yourself that your roof is all that stands between the skies above, and most of your most prized worldly possessions. Roofing accounts for a large slice of the money one spends when building a home, and roofing repairs can be very costly. Unfortunately, homeowners have no choice but to pay up, regardless of how the repairs cost.


Regular roofing inspections that are carried out by experienced and highly qualified individuals can save you tens of thousands of dollars because problems can be detected before any serious damages occur. While some people might disagree, the best time to have your roof inspected is shortly before the onset of winter; before the first heavy rains and/or snow arrive.


There only needs to be a small leak in your roof, and the consequences could be catastrophic. Water that is getting in could be accumulating on the top side of your ceiling boards, and if that is the case, it will only be a matter of time before your ceiling comes crashing down. A minor leak which could have been repaired in a few minutes, and cost you no more than a few dollars, has now resulted in damage that is going to cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to repair.


Many roofing contractors are quick to offer free roof inspections simply because they are greedy for work. In such cases, you could end up with a very poor inspection, or you could be fooled into thinking some major repair work is urgently required.


The integrity of your roof is of the utmost importance, so when it comes to having your roofing inspected, take your time in choosing a contractor. Do some research online; read through customer testimonials and customer feedback, and try to determine if the company you intend using is fully certified, and registered with certain organizations that are relevant to the sort of work they carry out.


Naturally, you should also determine what sort of warranty a company provides, and if you intend letting your insurance company pay for the repairs, you will need to establish whether of not your chosen contractor is in agreement with such an arrangement. In actual fact, a reputable contractor should be willing to assist you with insurance claims.


Regular roofing inspections can save you a great deal of money, and if you find the right contractor, you can save even more.