How to Know If Your Roofing Needs Repair or Replacement

Author: Lonny DeWalt  Date: 2017-06-21


The roof provides protection from outdoor elements like rain and sunshine and debris like leaves. Wear and tear leads to eventual roof damage and it’s based on the damage extent that it has to be either repaired or replaced.

Signs that something is wrong

The roof exterior and interior has to be regularly examined for signs of damage, especially if it’s going old or during extreme weather. Check for water spots and discoloration on the outside which warp the shingles and exterior finish. Give more attention to the areas where the roof meets the exterior walls as damage can lead to distortion.  

The gutters will also tell you if something is wrong with your roof. Granules in it are a sign of a damaged roof as they come from damaged shingles or prolonged exposure of shingles to sunlight. Cracked shingles indicate they are breaking down due to weather or poor ventilation.

Regarding the roof’s interior, check the attic space and areas near the top of the house as water damage will warp the ceiling and walls of the rooms below. Any outside debris in your house means there is a hole on the roof. All these signs prove that the roof has been damaged, and needs immediate attention.

Roof repair

It’s generally enough to repair roofs and extend its life without replacement. Repair is a good idea if your house is young and has a new roof with a 30-year warranty. Damage due to weather and small marks like missing shingles are usually repairable.

Roof replacement

There are some situations where it’s better to replace than repair the roof like if it’s an old roof nearing its original 20-30 year warranty. Roof replacement, and not roof repair is better if the roof is damaged so bad that it’s affected the roof’s structural integrity. Roof replacement is also a necessity if there is a lot of water damage or leakage inside your house.

No matter if your roof needs repair or replacement; it has to be attended to immediately. The longer the roof is left damaged, the more exposure your house has to outside elements. It is your roofing contractor who will assess the damage, and determine if the roof should be repaired or replaced.