8 Signs That Your Roof May be Leaking

Author: Lonny Dewalt  Date: 2017-06-21

8 Signs of Roofing Leakage

If you notice water in your house, it may be due to some roofing leakage. The leaks have to be attended to as it can grow bigger in size and lead to rotting wood, and. As the common man may not be able to detect small roof leaks till it grows large, it’s better having your roofing contractor regularly inspect it to prevent eventual roof replacement.

Here are some roof leakage signs you should keep a lookout for:

  1. Buckled shingles- possibly due to wrongly applied felt or movement on the roof deck.
  2. Algae or mould develops in hot and stuffy weather conditions with fungi or algae in the air. Though it may not affect the shingle’s life, it can create problems.
  3. Curled shingles may be caused by hot attic air or water absorption, and will not protect the roof from leaks.
  4. While some granule loss is normal, granule loss on old shingles indicates the shingles have to be replaced.
  5. Damaged flashing may be due to a dried or cracked old roof or an improperly installed new roof. If detected on time, it can be repaired instead of being replaced.
  6. Poor attic ventilation is due to trapped hot attic air which bakes the roof’s shingles and also makes air conditioners overwork and possibly break down.
  7. Storms and high wind speeds, and improper fastening may lead to missing shingles and roof leakage.
  8. Water leaking through the roof, ceiling, chimneys and vents leads to water stains or spots. Sometimes the leakage may even drip down the beams to show up far away from the actual leak.

No matter what the cause may be, if you notice drips or moisture and stains on the walls, it means you have a roofing leak and has to be attended to even if the leak seems to have stopped.

Neglecting even minor leaks can lead to persistent moisture problems and permanent damage. Your roofing contractor is the best person to inspect your roof and perform the necessary repairs to ensure your roof protects and keeps you and your family safe at the time.