Good Fences Make Good Neighbors. Fencing Your Fur Kids

Author: Lonny Dewalt  Date: 2017-07-02

Fencing in Your Fur-Baby

A dog is not just a dog. They are treasured members of the family and while many will spend a good deal of their time inside the home, there will always be times when they need to be in the yard. Whether they need to burn off energy or take care of business, your dog needs access to some part of the yard and you need a good method for keeping them within the boundaries.


Before you begin determining what size dog pen or fencing you need, it is important to find out about your local or state ordinances. Some localities limit the height and even type of fence you can have installed. So your first stop on this journey will be either your local government website or the county courthouse.


Next up will be deciding how big of an area your fur-baby requires, or how much you want to provide. If you have a small dog who will be spending a limited amount of time outdoors, a small outside dog kennel might do the trick. However, if your Labrador retriever needs exercise, you may want to simply fence in your entire yard.

Once you have figured out the diameter of your fence, you must take into consideration the height. Some breeds are born jumpers and a few will even attempt to climb a fence, so do your homework on this aspect. It should also be mentioned that tiny dogs like dachshunds are prone to digging, and for these little rascals, securing the bottom is even more important that height.


What kind of fence will both improve the aesthetics of your property and keep Fido securely contained? There are multiple wood and wire options with chain link or solid wood privacy fencing being the most popular. Of course, there are several variations on both wire and wood fencing, so take your time and consider what fits best with your budget and your current property configuration.


Whether you have a great Dane or a Pomeranian, they will be spending some time outdoors. This means you must consider their protection, and your own. Most municipalities have leash laws that state you can be fined if your pet is wandering the neighborhood unattended. Besides, you wouldn't want your beloved pet to become lost, injured or “adopted” by someone else. Good fences make good pet relations!