Determining What Type of Fence You Need

Author: L. Dewalt  Date: 2017-07-31

Good fences make great neighbors, or so the saying goes. How do you know what type of fence you truly need? Will a short picket fence fit the bill or do you need an 8ft solid privacy fence? In many cases, it will come down to personal preference but there are some situations where you will need a specific fence.

Your Pool


Fencing in Corning New York has specific requirements when a pool is in place. State regulations require that the pool be completely inaccessible, which means it must be totally enclosed by fencing. The fence must be at least four foot tall and if it is part of the pool structure itself any gaps at the bottom must not exceed four inches. There are also requirements for covers, ladder security and such, so it is important to carefully consider all state and local regulations.


Your Pet


Pets are wonderful furry extensions of your family, but they do tend to roam and get into mischief if not properly contained. For most homes, this means a good fence! Now, as with any fencing, you want to check local regulations and requirements but beyond that, you should consider your pet.


Do you have a small weenie dog? These little buggers are championship diggers and so while you will not need 8ft high fence, you may need something that goes below the dirt to discourage escape. Bigger dogs, particularly animals such as greyhounds, boarder collies and the Belgian Malinois are well known to easily clear six foot obstacles. In fact, they are world record holders!




Do you need privacy? Do you simply want to preserve your lawn from errant neighbors, wandering pets and the like? As much as personal preference goes into selecting a fence, you must also consider the job it is designed to do. A quality contractor will go through the options with you and guide you to the best solution that fits all your criteria.