Fences Often Improve Neighborly Relations

Author: Graeme  Date: 2018-01-13

A fence can be a divisive element or can help to make for good neighbor relations.

Fences can protect your property and that of your neighbor particularly if either of you have pets or livestock. The damage animals can cause can be expensive as well as upsetting so a sturdy fence will keep animals where they belong and avoid the damage that can come between neighbors.

Fences can be decorative as well as functional and can really complement the look of your property. When you come to sell, a well built fence can improve the value of property and the price you can ask.

Privacy is also a good reason to put up a fence. Although you may be the best of friends with the neighbors, you don’t necessarily want them to see everything that goes on in your yard and you don’t necessarily want to see everything they’re up to. Keeping a bit of distance (privacy) can be an important element in your relationship with the neighbors.

The right fencing will often be determined by the area in which you live. Open fencing or stock fencing can be used to keep in cattle or sheep, whereas fence panels, picket fences, brick walls, bamboo or willow fencing or even a living fence can screen you from view and give us the privacy we often want when living in a subdivision or a city. Country fencing is another matter as houses are often not so close together that privacy becomes an issue.

There are many types of fencing available these days and what you want to accomplish with the fencing will determine what you choose. For instance, if your property is overlooked by a high-rise apartment building you could use a combination of a living screen and fence panels atop a wall to reduce being overlooked by the apartments.

Fencing can also be used as special features in a garden, especially within cities where houses are close together. They can be made of beautiful woods, metal, concrete, etc. and painted all sorts of colors.

For ideas of what is available these days, just have a look in the gardening magazines – the range of options will astound you. Need a new fence, then you know who to call, Ghostbusters, not ideal but De Walt and Sons, on the other hand, will do a great job.