Renovating Your Kitchen – Which Style Suits You?

Author: Graeme  Date: 2018-01-13

Style is easier to recognize, as the old saying goes – you’ll know it when you see it.  

When you start thinking about remodelling, style is one of the first and most important elements you need to think about. Although remodelling will often give you a really good return on investment (ROI) when selling, not all will. The style of a remodelled kitchen may have something to do with that. Below are descriptions of just some of the styles available today.

Handcrafted / bespoke - This style came out a reaction to the fussiness of the Victorian times. Its well-made, handcrafted simplicity continues to appeal to us with rich woods, custom-made tiles and beautiful built-in units.

Modern - That word can mean almost anything, but often modern kitchen design features include a lack of heavy ornamentation but have strong horizontal lines with frameless cabinets and simple, sleek hardware.

Traditional - These often have decorative arches, corbels and moldings and a mixture of antique finishes. They can be classic American or have “olde-worlde” charm.

Contemporary - These are often sleek and make a feature of the architectural structure of the building while using simple but bold colors and very modern cabinetry, often without any hardware.

Eclectic - These are for the person who won’t be pigeonholed and wants to use whatever takes their fancy, whether it’s rustic, antique or modern, or all three!. It’s a distinctive style but doesn’t suit everyone’s taste.

Transitional - These have the warmth of tradition with contemporary clean and simple lines. They offer flexibility for those who want to span these styles.

Cottage - Harkening back to simpler times, these cozy and unpretentious kitchens often use wooden floors, beadboard, soft colors, vintage hardware and colorful accents to get that comfortable cottage style.  

Classic - Cream or white cabinets with black accents and simple but elegant architectural details offer an unfussy style many people will really enjoy.  

Mediterranean-style - Beamed ceilings, an arched cooking alcove, colorful hand-painted ceramic tiles, wooden cabinets with a flared hoods are just some of the features that a Spanish revival kitchen has.  

Farmhouse - Warm and homey features with functionality and comfort are the hallmark of the farmhouse style. A big kitchen table in the center, open shelving for storage, a deep butler’s sink and classic wooden flooring make these easy to live with and work in.

Rustic – Shabby chic, distressed or rough hewn are some of the descriptions given to rustic kitchens. They use brick, stone and timber (often unfinished), and with fireplaces and vintage appliances, they are comfortable and very workable.

Current trends have a lot to do with whether or not the style you choose will make your ROI positive or negative, so look through the magazines, talk to friends, look in stores to see what the current trends look like and include.