Choosing the right Fence

Author: Graeme  Date: 2018-06-19


Every home is different. Because of the understandable needs that every property has, corresponding fences should be chosen carefully. Some homeowners enjoy their privacy very much. Others do not want to see people or cars passing by. The right fence is out there. You just need to know what you want and be specific about it. If your decision regarding what type of fence you should have is still unclear, check out the following suggestions, based on the property’s needs and space available:

• Shield your property from strong winds. If your area is always visited by strong winds but you still want to see that great view, or you still want abundant light to enter your property, glass fencing is for you. On the other hand, if all the view you get is the street or an empty lot, the a solid, tall, privacy fence without gaps will do the job.

• Achieve or maintain privacy. True privacy is difficult to achieve with standard fencing. If you want to keep your household safe from prying and judgmental eyes, you should change your fence. The fence you want should not have any space between boards at all. You could also choose a lattice fence that is closely spaced, with thick vines growing on and over it. The height of your new fence depends on your neighbor’s yard, your yard’s slope, your local building codes, and your seating areas.

• Build steps. You should have a step design for your fencing if a very tall fencing is too much for your taste. Install a taller segment of the fence around your pool area, Jacuzzi, barbecue pit, or hot tub. Build low segments of your fence around the lawn.

• Choose the gateless path. If you think that secure gates are not that important, then choose offset fences that provide you clear paths as they block view from the street. Going gateless is ideal for homeowners who do not have dogs or other animals that roam around their property.

• Keep your dogs safe inside. Know your dogs first before you choose the right height for your fence. If they are jumpers, know how high they can jump. Smaller dogs need a fence that’s about four or five feet. The fence should be much taller if you have large dogs. If they are diggers, make sure the fence foundation is buried deeper than six inches under the perimeter.

For a wide variety of fencing options, get in touch with Dewalt and Sons. Their experts will answer your every question and offer you myriad designs that can match your property’s overall design.