All about Wood Shake Roofing

Author: Graeme  Date: 2018-06-19

wood shake roofing

Also known as cedar shingles or cedar shake, wood shakes can be manufactured from kind of wood. This type of roofing gives a classic, natural look to any home. Because of its rustic and charming look, wood shake roofing looks amazing in mountain states such as Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and California. Shake roofs always look different from one another because they vary in thickness, color, cut of wood, and width. That is why they go well with any architectural style.

Advantages of Wood Shakes

If the cedar comes from a sustainable source, wood shakes are environmentally friendly. They are better options than other roofing materials, which are usually made from petroleum products. Are you considering wood shake roofing for your home? Here are some of its known advantages:

• It is resistant to Ultraviolet rays and insects.

• It can withstand extreme elements such as heavy storms and hail.

• It can last for thirty to forty years.

• It is a great insulator because it is filled with numerous large cells, which trap air. It keeps the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

• It is attractive, and it adds value your home.

Though it is a good type of roofing, it is not always allowed by local building codes of some areas, especially communities in the Southwest. It is mainly because wood shakes are made of wood, which is easy to ignite. As an answer for those who want wood shake roofing, there are pressure-treated shakes that are treated with fire retardant to meet the national standards on fire safety. Others opt for wood shake alternatives such as plastics, stone, vinyl, and cement, which could be formed into wood shingles as well.

Factors Influencing the Life Span of Wood Shake Roofing

Like any part of your home, good shake roofing can last a very long time if well-taken care of. Here are some factors that influence the life span of wood shake roofing:

The ventilation of the wood shake roof. (Wood shakes installed on spaced nailers or skip sheathing last longer because they are well-ventilated. Those installed on solid plywood do not.)

• The quality or grade of the wood shake

• The manner by which the wood shake roofing was installed

• How much the wood shakes are exposed to harsh weather and extreme sunlight

• The slope of the wood shake roofing

• The wood shake roofing’s exposure to shade, which encourages lichens and moss to grow

• The wood shake roofing’s exposure to debris or overhanging trees, which leads to water stagnation on the roof’s surface.

• Proper details, flashing material, and the quality of installation.


Remember that wood shake roofing needs regular inspections. This allows the roofing contractors to spot the minor problems immediately. Talk to reputable roofing companies like Dewalt and Sons, so that your wood shake roofing can last a very long time.