Learning about Clay or Spansh Tile Roofing

Author: Graeme  Date: 2018-07-14

Clay tile or Spanish tile roofing can last at least seventy-five years. That is why it is commonly used on huge buildings. The only downside to using clay tiles is that it can be ruined easily because of faulty materials, design, and workmanship. It would be a great loss for any home or business owner to have their clay tile ruin fall off or break.

The Requirements

Below are some of the requirements that must be met before your roofing contractor starts installing your Spanish tiles:

Tile attachment. Spanish clay tiles should be placed securely on the roof deck to keep them from chattering and to prevent the wind from peeling them off. The installer should use stainless steel nails or corrosion proof copper nails. There should also be nose clips along the roofing’s perimeter. Some installers use foam adhesives, but this type of attachment is less reliable.

Underlayment. Spanish tiles tend to shed water. Whenever these tiles get wet, water always finds its way under them. This water should be blocked by a membrane that repels water. Reliable clay tile installations always have a layer of waterproofing. This layer adheres to the deck’s roof and keeps water from leaking. It also seals up the roof fasteners.  

Quality of material. Before you decide on having clay tile roofing, you should recognize how clay tiles perform in a specific climate. One good example is that clay tiles perform and last well in Los Angeles. They usually break down after a year in Michigan. Lab tests also help in determining the sturdiness of a brand of clay tiles to see if it will last in a part of the country.


The following are some of the known advantages of clay tile roofing:

• It lasts a very long time

• It does not rot

• It is resistant to insects and fire

• It stands up to extreme weather conditions

• It doesn’t need too much maintenance

• It provides good insulation

It is not easy to look for the right roofing contractor. Be confident that Dewalt and Sons can guide you through your clay tile or Spanish tile journey.