Neglecting your chimney can lead to smoke building up in your home and animals making their way into your house through the chimney.  Ensure this doesn't happen by installing a chimney cap to keep the animals out and by having your chimney cleaned regularly to prevent soot clogging. Corning New York chimney cleaners, Dewalt and Sons offers you years of experience in keeping your chimney clean.

Prevent problems with regular chimney cleaning and maintenance

Keep your chimney running properly from top to bottom

Winters in Corning New York can be cold. Making sure that your chimney is working properly and that is allowing your home to stay as warm as it can is imperative. Getting your chimney cleaned is a matter of heating efficiency as well as home safety. Dewalt and Sons can help you to get your chimney operating at peak efficiency.

Chimney cleaning, inspection, and repair Camera and video inspection service
Chimney water proofing Refinishing and chimney relining
Chimney chase caps and covers Fireplace inserts
Fireplaces and stoves – wood, coal, pellet, oil and gas Dryer duct cleaning
Tuckpointing Double / 4 wall stainless steel factory built chimneys
Gas, wood, coal and oil furnaces

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