Wiring is not Just a Matter of Convenience.

It's  a matter of your safety. If you're experiencing lighting that goes bright and dim, if your power goes out and fuses or breakers blow continuously it may be time to update or upgrade your wiring to handle all that your family can throw at it. In Corning, electrical contractors can be costly.

Dewalt and Sons are reasonably priced, knowledgable and experienced and can offer you the kind of service that you'd want in your home. Dewalt and Sons electrical contractors, Corning and the surrounding area can help to ensure that your home is wired safely and for cost effective prices.

Don't put up with outdated wiring

Wiring problems shouldn't be taken lightly.  Make sure your system isn't presenting a hazard to you or your family with the experienced troubleshooting of Dewalt & Sons.  Get sound advice and expert repairs on all aspects of your electrical structure, from your power outlets to your circuit breakers.

Don't get left in the dark

  • New electrical service and repair
  • Power outlet and lighting repair
  • Circuit breakers
  • Service upgrades
  • Troubleshooting

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